About us

Debagspro already experienced in producing bags musical instruments since 2006 , we realize the need for a musician to protect their instruments on the way .

Now we are getting to understand that musical instruments should not be broken so that it can disrupt the plans of her performances . And we have a strong product to protect the instrument when they are stored in a place prone to collisions . 

Since 10 years ago, we started making bags for musical instruments. At that time we produce a lot of bags for djembe and other musical instrument bags with a simple quality and of course with a good quality product.

But now as the development of musical products that are better, encouraged me to create products with high quality and design, of course, at affordable prices.

So after a decade we will begin making up bags of quality musical instruments and good price.

Now we still formed a partnership with our distributors around the world from Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States and Brazil.


And we will wait for you to join us.


Best Regards,

Debagspro Garment